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MCD 25 - 7 - 5 CF 10

Stationary unit of contact and coil type in the medium range Output of 2500 Amp in 6 steps for longitudinal magnetisation. Suitable for detection of surface and near surface crecks in ferro-magnetic components upto 1000 mm long. 80 mm dia and 50 k weight. Facility for combined magnetisation by simultaneous application of circular and longitudinal fields provided. Dark room an integral part of the unit. Demagnetisation by separate demagnetiser. HWDC facility for detection of sub-surface cracks and inclusions provided optionally.

Power : 415V - 3 Ph - Hz - 60 Amp intermittent.

Various models in the range of 1000 to 6000 Amps for circular mag and upto in our 15000 Ampere turns for long mag with clamping distance from the smallest to 4.5 mtr.

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